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If you have embryos with signs of “fragmentation,” fertility specialist Peter Chang, MD, of Noble Fertility Center in New York City, offers the advanced technique of Embryoplasty™ to restore embryo health. Call the Murray Hill, Manhattan, office or use the online tool to arrange an appointment and learn about this advanced way of improving the chance of success with in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Embryoplasty Q & A

What is embryo fragmentation?

Embryo fragmentation is relatively common and happens when cells divide unevenly in the embryo. Think of it like what happens when you tear apart a piece of crusty bread. The tearing process creates crumbs or fragments.

In an embryo, these fragments are junky pieces of cytoplasm. The greater degree of fragmentation that exists in an embryo, the lower the chance that it results in a pregnancy. 

Fragmentation is not unique to in vitro fertilization or IVF. Embryo fragmentation can occur with both natural conception and in the IVF process. Failed cases of IVF are sometimes due to embryo fragmentation.

What is Embryoplasty?

Embryoplasty is a breakthrough technology that helps preserve the viability of your embryos by removing fragments.

When fragmentation occurs during IVF, it threatens the success of the process. It’s often seen in older patients and affects embryo quality, implantation, and pregnancy rates. 

Fragmentation is the result of programmed cell death or apoptosis. The fragments can secrete damaging substances that can spill out onto surrounding healthy cells. These fragments have the potential to infiltrate all the cells in the embryo, resulting in a poor-grade embryo with lower implantation and pregnancy rates.

How does Embryoplasty work?

Embryoplasty is when the technicians of Noble Fertility Center, under the direction of Dr. Chang, use custom micro-surgery instruments to remove microscopic fragments and restore and preserve the embryo’s health. 

Because of this technique’s complexity and the expertise it requires to conduct it correctly and effectively, Noble Fertility Center is one of the few embryology labs nationwide to use this revolutionary method.

Are embryos that have undergone Embryoplasty healthy?

Studies have shown that the Embryoplasty technique results in similar implantation and pregnancy rates compared to embryos that do not have fragmentation when created.

This process is a proven way to improve the quality of the embryos. It increases their ability to divide and improves the chances to develop into a higher quality blastocyst.

Fertility leader Dr. Chang and the dedicated fertility specialists at Noble Fertility Center can help you overcome fragmentation and fulfill your dreams of growing your family. Call Noble Fertility Center today or use the online tool to schedule a consultation.