Leading New York Fertility Center Offers Embryoplasty™

Have you been told that your embryos show signs of fragmentation? No problem – under the direction of fertility leader Dr. Chang, our skilled laboratory technicians at Noble Fertility Center in New York use an advanced technique to help your embryos overcome this common problem.


Embryo fragmentation occurs frequently in embryos produced by in-vitro fertilization, especially as the patient gets older. The higher percentage of fragmentation is related to lower quality embryos, implantation and pregnancy rates. Studies have shown that fragmentation is the result of programmed cell death or apoptosis. Furthermore, these fragments have been shown to secrete apoptotic substances that can spill out onto surrounding healthy cells and cause damage. Thus, they may induce arrest and apoptosis of remaining cells, resulting in a poor grade embryo with lower implantation and pregnancy rates.


Fortunately, years of laboratory research and the development of custom micro-surgery instruments have given way to a highly advanced process of microscopic embryo manipulation, called Embryoplasty™. Using this method, we can remove these microscopic fragments from the embryo, and lead to re-integration and restoration of the embryo to health. Studies have shown that the Embryoplasty™ technique results in similar implantation and pregnancy rates compared to embryos that do not have fragmentation when they are created.

Because of this technique’s complexity and the expertise required to conduct it correctly and effectively, we are one of the few embryology labs nationwide to employ this revolutionary method.

This is Our Noble Difference!

If you have had trouble getting pregnant or maintaining a pregnancy due to fragmentation, make an appointment with Noble Fertility Center in New York to discuss Embryoplasty™. Fertility leader Dr. Chang and our dedicated team of fertility specialists in New York can help you overcome fragmentation and fulfill your dreams of growing your family. Call us today at 212.804.6666 for a preferred consultation!

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