How Egg Donation Helps Couples With Infertility

How Egg Donation Helps Couples With Infertility

Most people, from an early age, envision having their own family one day. That’s why, when you get the news that you or your partner is infertile, you may feel betrayed or let down. Why does everyone else have a baby so easily, but you can’t?

Peter L. Chang, MD, founder of Noble Fertility Center, wants you to have the baby you’ve dreamed of for so long. That’s why he and his team of fertility specialists in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Manhattan, New York, offer a number of assisted reproductive technologies (ART), including egg donation.

Could egg donation be the solution to your fertility problems?

Donor eggs replace your eggs

If you can’t produce your own eggs, or if your natural eggs aren’t viable, a donor egg can be used instead. Donor eggs come from mentally and physically healthy young women. We fertilize the eggs in the lab with your partner’s sperm or with donated sperm.

After a healthy embryo forms, we transfer the embryo to your womb. You then gestate the embryo as it develops into a fetus and then a baby. You may opt to use donor eggs if:

We test the embryos for chromosomal defects before implantation to give you the best chance of a successful pregnancy and healthy delivery.

You carry your baby

One of the main advantages of using donor eggs is that you get to gestate and nourish your baby, just as you would have if you’d become pregnant with your own eggs. Even though the baby isn’t formed with your eggs, it’s nourished by your body and your blood.

You can choose your donor anonymously

Many couples and single women opt to choose an anonymous donor. You and your partner look through the profile of our heavily screened donors to find one that matches you best. Before a young woman is accepted as a donor, we conduct a:

Donors must sign a contract that terminates all rights to their eggs and to any children born from the eggs. All of the donor’s medical screenings and expenses are covered as part of the donation process. Anonymous donors also receive financial compensation for their donation.

Or you can recommend a donor

You may opt to have a family member or close friend donate their eggs. No matter how well you think you know your donor, however, we still conduct the entire screening process to be sure she’s a good fit. Just as with an anonymous donor, she must waive her rights to the eggs and any children born from them.

You may need to take fertility medications to prepare your womb for implantation. We may also time your cycle to the donor’s cycle if you’re not using frozen donated eggs.

To find out more about how egg donation can help you start or complete your family, contact Noble Fertility Center today by calling our office or using our online booking tool.

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