Fertility Treatment Services

New York Fertility TreatmentIf you are like most people seeking fertility treatment, you have a unique vision for your family’s future and medical issues that prevent you from achieving your dream. At Noble Fertility Center, our generous complement of fertility treatment services helps you have a baby.

Initial Consultation

Fertility treatment services always begin with a thorough evaluation of both the male and female reproductive problems causing the infertility. We review previous tests and treatments to help our fertility specialists create the best individual plan of care for future treatments. We can also perform advanced testing that may have been previously missed or unavailable.

Diagnostic Testing

Noble Fertility Centers offers a full complement of diagnostic testing for fertility treatments.

Your doctor may order the following tests as needed:

  • Baseline hormone tests
  • Day 3 hormone levels including FSH/estradiol and/or AMH; checks your ovarian reserve
  • Day 21 progesterone; confirms your ovulatory status
  • Hysterosalpingogram; evaluates your fallopian tubes and uterine cavity
  • Sonohysterogram/hysteroscopy; evaluates your uterine cavity
  • Semen analysis; rules out male factor infertility

If You Have Recurrent Miscarriage, We Will Perform A Full Workup.

Ovulation Induction

Oral medications prompt the ovaries to develop multiple mature eggs. These medications include clomiphene citrate (Clomid®, Serophene®) or injectable medications such as Follistim® or Gonal F®. You may then conceive your baby through intercourse or, if necessary, intrauterine insemination.

Intrauterine Insemination

This procedure improves your chances for conceiving a baby by placing sperm directly into your uterus, where it is in optimal position to fertilize an awaiting egg. To perform intrauterine insemination, our fertility specialist uses a small catheter to place washed and processed sperm into uterus, bypassing cervical mucus and other factors that can prevent fertilization. You can use your partner’s sperm or donor sperm for this procedure.

Reproductive Surgeries

Our fertility doctor can perform operations such as laparoscopy and hysteroscopy to correct problems associated with endometriosis, fibroids, polyps and pelvic adhesions.

Frozen Embryo Transfer

This procedure involves transferring previously frozen embryos back into your uterus.

Gestational Carrier

A gestational carrier is a woman who carries a baby for another couple. This carrier returns the baby to you, the genetic parent, after delivery.

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)

This procedure helps our fertility specialist examine embryos to make sure they do not carry the genes for certain inheritable diseases. PGD can also detect the gender of the embryo.

Male Factor Infertility

Certain sperm deficiencies, such as its quantity, its ability to move and its shape, can interfere with the sperm’s ability to fertilize an egg. These deficiencies are known as “male factor infertility.” The New York male infertility specialists at Noble Fertility Center can help detect male factor infertility.

To learn more about our other fertility services offered at Noble Fertility Center, call us today at 212.804.6666.

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