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New York NY Fertility Center Peter ChangTo perform treatment for infertility, our team of talented fertility specialists in New York will gently remove several eggs from your ovaries then fertilize these eggs outside of your body (IVF) at the best possible moment in their development. Our team at Noble Fertility Center in New York will then place the resulting embryos in precisely the right place in your uterus to establish a pregnancy.

Your Dream, Your Choice – Your New Family Starts Here, One Step at a Time

Infertility treatment at Noble Fertility Center in New York is a process that requires several well-timed steps:

Ovarian Suppression: Suppresses ovulation and controls the development of eggs. Ovulation suppression drugs (gonadotropin releasing hormone agonist such as Lupron®/ Ganirelix Acetate®/Cetrotide®) are used in order to control egg development and prevent ovulation. These drugs will require daily injections to be done by you or your partner from 5 to 30 days.

Ovarian Stimulation: Increases the number of eggs available for collection during an IVF cycle. Ovarian stimulating drugs include clomiphene citrate, Follistim®, Gonal-F®, or Bravelle® and human chorionic gonadotropin, Ovidrel®. These drugs require daily injections for 10 to 14 days to stimulate the follicles that release your eggs. Our fertility doctor will tailor the dose and duration of your ovarian stimulation medications according to your individual needs. We use advanced diagnostic equipment, including ultrasound and blood tests, to monitor the growth and development of your follicles. Once we determine that your follicles are at the right point of maturity, we administer human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which helps your eggs mature enough for retrieval. For best results, your partner should ejaculate the day of hCG injection then abstain until after we retrieve your eggs.

Egg Retrieval: Brings your eggs to the outside of your ovaries. Performed under conscious sedation, a type of anesthesia that blocks pain and helps you relax but leaves you capable of speaking and communicating, this procedure takes about 10 minutes.

Using a sonogram for direct visual guidance, the fertility specialist passes a needle through the vaginal wall and into the ovarian follicle. The clinician applies suction to retrieve fluid from each follicle then examines the follicular fluid from each follicle to identify eggs.

Your partner will need to supply a semen sample on the day of egg retrieval. Beginning the day after egg retrieval, you will take progesterone daily to help support the early pregnancy.

Egg Freezing: We freeze your eggs the day of egg retrieval to ensure maximum viability. While this step signals the end of treatment, we recommend that you schedule a follow up appointment with your physician to make sure your ovaries have returned to normal size.

Insemination: In most cases, insemination involves placing the egg and sperm into a drop of culture medium to allow fertilization to occur in the laboratory, under the watchful eyes of our highly trained fertility team. Some cases, however, call for ICSI.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI): A procedure routinely recommended in cases of very low sperm count, sperm that are abnormally shaped or cannot move properly, surgically obtained sperm specimens or in those with a history of poor fertilization rates. ICSI can increase fertilization rates. In this procedure, members of our laboratory fertility team inject individual sperm into each mature egg, using a powerful microscope and specially designed tools.

Embryo Culture: The transfer of normally fertilized eggs into culture dishes, where the eggs can grow until the time of embryo transfer or long-term storage, known as cryopreservation.

New York NY Fertility Center ChangAssisted Hatching: A procedure that aids in the normal hatching process of the embryo. Using a microscope and specially designed tools, the reproductive specialist uses a microscope and special tools to create a small opening in the clear shell of the embryos, known as the zona pellucida; this procedure helps the embryo hatch from the zona.

Noble Fertility Clinic Offers Embryoplasty™ to Improve Fertility Treatment Success

At this time, the fertility specialists at Noble Fertility Center in New York also perform Embryoplasty™, a procedure in which fertility specialists remove fragments that often develop between the cells of an embryo. We are the only fertility treatment center to offer this revolutionary procedure because our esteemed medical director, Dr. Peter Chang, pioneered the procedure and trademarked the name.

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