Your Dream, Your Choice, Someone Else’s Egg

Egg Donation Chang Noble Fertility CenterEgg donation with fertility treatments offers renewed hope for an expanded family. If you are like many women seeking reproductive care in New York who cannot produce healthy eggs because of ovarian failure, disease or advanced reproductive age, egg donation can help you create the most wonderful gift of all – a precious baby.

Our world-renowned New York fertility center, Noble Fertility Center in New York, offers anonymous or directed egg donation programs to help you achieve pregnancy with eggs donated by a young, healthy woman and inseminated with your partner’s sperm. Next, our highly trained fertility team transfers the resulting embryos into your uterus.

Egg donation is a highly successful infertility treatment option if you have been unable to get pregnant using your own eggs. This approach allows you to enjoy the wonderful experience of pregnancy and childbirth. Donors relinquish all rights, so the baby you deliver is yours to love forever.

Noble Fertility Center in New York offers fertility treatment using egg donations for women living in Manhattan, NYC, New York, China and Russia.

Get to Know Your Partners in Pregnancy – Anonymous Egg Donors and Directed Egg Donors

Anonymous Egg Donors

Young healthy donors learn about egg donation and find egg donation programs through advertisement, public speaking and word of mouth. Under the guidance of Dr. Chang, our team of New York reproduction specialists screens these anonymous egg donors carefully to determine their physical, genetic and psychological suitability for egg donation through Noble Fertility Clinic. Comprehensive egg donor screening includes:

  • Initial screening by telephone
  • Completion and careful review of an application and questionnaire
  • Personal interview with our clinical coordinator
  • A comprehensive medical screening by our medical director
  • Genetic screening with a team of qualified geneticists
  • Psychiatric screening with the Noble psychiatric team
  • General and reproductive health screening that includes infectious and genetic diseases

Directed Egg Donors

If you already have an egg donor in mind, such as a relative, friend or acquaintance, we are glad to enroll her into our program as a directed egg donor. Even though you may know the directed donor well, our policy requires that we provide the same comprehensive screening to determine her suitability for egg donation. Attorneys will have to be involved to draft a contract. We do reserve the right to decline a particular donor who does not meet our guidelines for suitability, as we always want to provide the best possible outcome for female infertility treatment and your pregnancy.

Call Noble Fertility Center in New York today at 212.804.6666 to learn more about how egg donation can help you realize your dreams of having a baby.

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