Recurrent Miscarriages? Stop the Cycle and Achieve Your Dream of Having a Baby!

If you have suffered the heartbreak of recurrent miscarriages, Noble Fertility Center is here to help. Our compassionate and caring fertility specialists have helped couples just like you carry a pregnancy to term, even after recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL).

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine defines RPL as a condition where a woman experiences two or more miscarriages before the pregnancy reaches 20 weeks. If you have suffered two or more miscarriages, you may think there is no hope for a baby. We want you to know that there is hope for your family – almost two-thirds of women with recurrent miscarriages eventually have a healthy pregnancy.

Recurrent Miscarriage Causes

Our New York recurrent miscarriage specialists are dedicated to helping you become pregnant and carry your baby to term, but first we must determine the cause of your recurrent miscarriages. There are many reasons miscarriages occur, including genetic problems, anatomical anomalies, lifestyle choices and environmental factors and medical problems. Our New York fertility specialists use comprehensive evaluations and advanced diagnostic testing that determine the cause of your recurrent miscarriages.

Genetic causes of recurrent miscarriage

Certain chromosome arrangements can increase the risk for pregnancy loss in otherwise healthy people. Other problems, including Down’s syndrome, occur when the fetus has an extra chromosome or a missing one.


Anatomic problems, such as a misshapen uterus, can cause recurrent miscarriage. Extra tissue can make your uterus too small to hold a baby, while benign muscle tumors growing near the uterine cavity can increase the risk for miscarriage.


Smoking, recreational drug use, excessive alcohol or caffeine intake, or being overweight can increase the risk for RPL.


Your recurrent pregnancy loss could be the result of other medical problems, such as abnormally high blood sugar levels, an overactive or underactive thyroid, or high levels of the hormone, prolactin.

Noble Fertility Center Offers Testing for Recurrent


The New York fertility specialists at Noble Fertility Clinic can perform advance testing to determine the underlying cause of your RPL. We offer a wide variety of testing for recurrent miscarriage.

Blood tests

Blood tests can reveal certain medical, immune, or blood-clotting conditions that may be causing your miscarriages. One specific blood test, known as a karyotype, looks at the chromosomes of women and their male partners.

Diagnostic imaging

Special x-rays and ultrasounds create images of your reproductive organs. These tests help our fertility specialists detect problems, such as an irregularly shaped uterus or weak cervix, which can cause you to experience the heartbreak of recurrent miscarriage.

Noble Fertility Center Offers Treatment for Recurrent


If recurrent miscarriages prevent you from expanding your family, Noble Fertility Center can help. After evaluating all the factors that may have contributed to your past miscarriages, our team of fertility specialists will create a personalized recurrent miscarriage treatment plan.


Dr. Chang can perform surgery to repair problems you may be having in your uterus, such as extra tissue, an unusual shape, benign tumors, or scar tissue, to reduce your risk for miscarriage during your next pregnancy. Our reproductive team uses the most technically advanced tools available to perform these procedures, which improve the likelihood that you will bring your pregnancy to full term.

Blood-thinning Medications

If autoimmune or blood clotting problems are the cause of your RPL, we may recommend blood thinners, such as low-dose aspirin or heparin to reduce the risk for miscarriage. Since these medications can cause serious bleeding problems, please talk to Dr. Chang before beginning blood-thinning medications as a treatment for recurrent miscarriage. We want you to remain as safe and healthy as possible throughout your pregnancy.

Correcting Medical Problems

Our team of recurrent miscarriage specialists in New York can help you address abnormal blood sugar levels, thyroid problems or hormonal imbalances to improve your chances of a healthy, full term pregnancy.

Genetic Screening

In about 5 percent of all couples with recurrent miscarriages, at least one partner has an unusual chromosomal arrangement that increases the risk for RPL. If you and your partner are one of these couples, Dr. Chang may recommend fertility treatments, such as in vitro fertilization that allows our infertility specialists to test embryos for these genetic problems.

Lifestyle Coaching

Our compassionate and dedicated Manhattan recurrent miscarriage specialists at Noble Fertility Center can also provide lifestyle coaching that lowers your risk for miscarriage. We may recommend that you quit smoking, for example, or reduce your caffeine and alcohol intake. While stress, anxiety and mild depression may not increase your risk for miscarriage, RPL can trigger these problems so we have a trained psychiatrist on staff to help you with these issues.

If recurrent miscarriages prevent you from fulfilling your dream of having a baby, call Noble Fertility Center at 212.804.6666. Our caring and compassionate reproductive specialists in Manhattan, NY can help you overcome recurrent miscarriages and expand your family.


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